November 17-23, 2013

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Electroporation based Technologies and Treatments


Cell membrane electroporation, its mechanisms and applications in biology, medicine and biotechnology. The basis of the phenomena, current applications and future prospects will be main topics of this international meeting.


The postgraduate course is intended both for novices and experts in electroporation, including PhD students, researchers and users. You are all kindly invited to attend the postgraduate course on electroporation based technologies and treatments.

Organised by:

University of Ljubljana

and with a great suppurt of

Institute of Oncology, Ljubljana

Organising committee:


Peter Kramar


Maša Kandušer, Matej Kranjc, Selma Čorović,

Saša Haberl, Duša Hodžić, Bor Kos, Alenka Maček Lebar,

Nataša Pavšelj, Marko Ušaj, Jaka Čemažar

Operation is co-financed by the European Social Fund and Ministry for Education, Science and Sport in the framework of the Operational Programme for Human Resources development for the period 2007-2013.